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1-on-1 training

1 hour for $275

3 hours for $700

in person


$2,000 day rate

2-days max



group training

1 hour for $550

3 hours for $1400

up to 4 individuals

$50/hr per additional person beyond 4

in person


$3,000 day rate

2-day max


TIG Advanced Process Learning with Rush Kane

Mastering the Elements. Synthesized Alchemy

TIG APL is hyper advanced TIG Weld training that examines the scientific fundamentals of arc welding. Understand the elements you are working with in order to manipulate the structure and produce consistent results that are structurally sound and aesthetically superior.

This is advanced training that you've never experienced before. 

What you will learn:
1. TIG welding process
2. amperage, voltage, tungsten
3. base metal prep & cleanliness
4. oxide recognition & metal types
5. feed-ability with filler metals
6. filler metal selection
7. settings by calculations
8. arc safety
9. noted misconceptions

READ MORE  *any type of metal can be requested for training. We build the training to your needs.

**Online Training is done via real time video. Trainee must have access to a smart phone or computer with video capabilities, a welding machine and minimal tools/materials. All materials+equipment needed will be discussed prior to scheduling any training. 

***If you have never welded or TIG welded, 3hrs/day, 3days of training is recommended.



Send a training request and we will reach out to go over your goals and setup a time.

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Get ready to weld!

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